If you were lucky enough to come and visit us in 2015 then we're giving you the chance to get your hands on one of our most loved pieces of outdoor gear...the hammock

That's right, with our 'Recommend a Friend' policy, we're giving away a free Ticket To The Moon hammock to anyone that recommends a friend who books on to a full activity week holiday in 2016. Not only that, but your recommended friend will receive 15% off their booking!
All you have to do is spread the word about your awesome adventure holiday with us, and tell your friend to let us know that they heard about us through you. Then sit back, relax and we'll send your hammock, free of charge, once they've booked on. Simple.

Check out the Ticket To The Moon website for more information and hammocking inspiration.

'Recommend a Friend Policy' Terms and Conditions: 1. To qualify for a free ‘Ticket to the Moon’ hammock the new booking must be made for the year 2016 and have a minimum value of £700 before the 15% discount is applied. 2. The 'RAF' 15% discount will be applied on top of any discounts already accumulated via our website or discount code provided. 3. The recommended friend must state the name of the recommending friend during the booking process. 4. The recommending friend will be emailed and must confirm that they know the recommended friend. 5. The recommending friend will be emailed confirmation and asked for a postal address which the hammock will be sent to 6. One hammock per recommendation. 7. Number of hammocks given to the recommending friend are limited to the number of people in their party on last season's booking (2015) 8. The free ‘Ticket to the Moon’ hammock will be sent once the full amount of the new booking is paid. 9. Postage costs will be covered by The Outdoor Experience. 10. Hammocks will be singles. 11. Colour of the hammock will be random.