At The Outdoor Experience we pride ourselves on our fantastic relationships with local suppliers, we use a family run canoe rental company for all our river descents, as well as their return transportation service to and from the river. During the river descents our guests experience a night under the stars at a Bivouac site. At this site, we provide a BBQ evening meal for our guests, all of the food supplied for this and the rest of the trip is sourced from local butchers and bakeries. Additionally the Bivouac site is owned and run by the Ardeche National Park Authority. By staying here we support the continued protection of this fantastic nature reserve. 

And we only recommend companies that are owned and run by locals.


During our guest’s stay we encourage them to explore the local market towns and immerse themselves into the Ardeche culture. We encourage our guests to visit local projects such as the Lavender fields and several show caves, including one that has the oldest cave drawings in Europe. We feel this contributes to the overall experience of our guests, as well as help to support the local culture and economy.


Environmental education is embedded into The Outdoor Experience’s mission statement, not only do we remove all waste from our areas of operation but we also promote a 'leave no trace' policy to our guests. Additionally we only employ staff members that share this mutual respect for our environment. 

Many of The Outdoor Experience’s instructors have an environmental based degree; this helps us to assess our own environmental impact and make appropriate steps towards reducing our footprint. 
All of the activities themselves are carbon neutral as they rely on manpower alone and are conducted in environmentally protected areas; this promotes the continued protection of such a wonderful place.