Is there anything that I need to bring to my activity?

Prior to your activity, you will receive a detailed information sheet on what to bring to each activity. However, for all of our activities, we recommend that you bring a light waterproof jacket, drinking water and sun cream.

Do I need to bring a coat to the activities?

Yes. It is always a good idea to bring a coat, just in case the weather changes.

Do I need to bring food to the activities?

No. We will provide you with lunch on all activity days. However, if you would like to bring certain food items or snacks then please feel free to do so. Also, during the river descents we will take an extra cool box for you to store food in if you wish to. 

Can I bring a dog?

Although we're all about the outdoors, some activities aren't suitable for dogs so please contact us for more information and advice on having a dog in the Ardeche.


What level of fitness is required for the activities?

All of our activities are physically demanding in some way or another and we advise you to contact us if you think health or fitness would be an issue.

Do I need to be a confident swimmer to do the paddling?

No. Being able to swim creates confidence, but it is not essential. We also provide buoyancy aids and you are constantly supervised whilst on the water. 

Is there a minimum age limit for your activities?

The minimum age limited for all activities is 8 Years Old.

My child has special needs?

All of our staff have extensive experience working with children who have special needs and challenging behaviours. We would advise you to contact us with any specific requirements or additional support that you may need during your stay.


Do you provide all the equipment for the activity?

We always provide the safety equipment needed for the activity, but you may require additional items for certain activities, these items will always be stated in the activity information section.

What food do you provide?

We provide a delicious healthy lunch, as well as a BBQ evening meal and breakfast at the bivouac site during the overnight stay.


Can I get to the Ardeche via public transport?

No. Public transport is not sufficient in this area. We would always recommend hiring a car.

I don’t have a Sat Nav?

We will be happy to send instructions on how to get to our activities. The places where we do our activities are very well sign posted and we will always be contactable via the phone should you get lost or need assistance finding us.


Does it get cold in the night at the Bivouac site?

Depending on the time of the year dictates how low the temperature drops, we provide you with a suitable sleeping bag for the weather but it's always wise to bringing an extra jumper.

What happens if it rains?

We will always check the weather forecast for that day/night and have tents and tarps available should we need them. However, there are large Marabout tents permanently set up at the Bivouac site, they will provide shelter should it rain unexpectedly during the night.